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Pattaya Tourism – The Best Hotels and Resorts


Pattaya is often referred to as “Fun town,” should you ever have the pleasure of visiting this unique and unbelievable City you will understand why. Here are the different types of hotels available and also get beautiful locations on Pattaya beach, Pattaya hotels Pattaya Nightlife is Awesome Tourism has become a popular recreational business activity and it is vital for all countries. Pattaya, located in Thailand is a Buddhist country which has many attractions like beautiful temples and beaches. This is near to Bangkok city and which is famous for its water sports. This tourist destination is easily accessible by taxi, air, train, ferry and by bus. You can get holiday accommodations in busy beach resort and there are many entertaining attractions in and around Pattaya. Koh Larn is recommended by most tourists, an interesting Island, which is white sandy and clear.

Night life and party atmosphere is one of the main reasons to gather large number of people to this awesome city and this is famous for s*x tourism. Naklua beach is the other fascinating sight which is famous not only for relaxation but also for fishing and salt farming industry. Plenty of German visitors come here and the main attractions include the Sanctuary of Truth. Wongamat beach is the other tourist destination. Pattaya hotels provide accommodation for all kind of enthusiastic visitors.

Pattaya is also famous for karting and shooting, golf and horseback riding to bungee jumping, water skiing, wind surfing and kite surfing. Pattaya offers facilities for those who seeking conference, convention and seminar venue. Thai food is considered as the best food and includes various noodles and rice dishes. Pattaya hotels offer excellent service, great location and clean rooms. The Centara Grant Mirage Beach Resort is the perfect beach holiday destination for any families and it is one of the best hotels. It has 555 rooms and is ocean facing and various fun facilities are there. The Marriott Pattaya Resort and Spa is near to the Royal Garden Plaza where the best shops and entertainment venues located. Two Bars and three restaurants are attached here, can have excellent quality food also.

The Sheraton Pattaya Resort Hotel is famous for nightly entertainment and loud discos and it is the suitable place to watch sunset, The Dusit Resort Pattaya is located in North Pattaya which offers great facilities to their customers, nightlife centers are near from here. The Asia Pattaya Beach Hotel, The Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, The Royal Cliff Pattaya Resort etc. also providing the best service to large number of visitors. There are many other resorts in North Pattaya which include A-One Pattaya Beach Resort, A-One the Royal Cruise Hotel, Baan Khun Nine etc. Many other hotels are located in Central Pattaya, South Pattaya and Jomtein Beach.

Pattaya Budget Accommodation Hotels also available, out of this, Diana Garden Resort provides fully furnished interior and warm family atmosphere. Mintra Resort is a newly renovated, luxurios holiday resort. Nirvana Couture Hotel, Piyada Residence, Sawasdee Pattaya Hotel etc. are some of the other famous Budget Accommodation Hotels.

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Get Best Pattaya Tour Package from Parbhat Travels


There are so many tour packages are available for you if you want to visit somewhere. Every 4th person is love to visit new places and meet some new people. Our world is going so advance day by day and with every passing second we are taking an additional stress. We perform our task on time and due to this stress, we all need some free time.  And going to a new place is just amazing option. And when you are doing a deep search for a place, Pattaya Tour Package is one of top choice. Pattaya Island is hub center for all attractions as there are all the things which make you happy. You can play here with your family in the water and do swimming. New married couples come here and enjoy some special moments with their partner. People love the food taste of this island, as the Thai food is very tasty and heath. There are all type restaurants for every type of folk. If you love to taste your Indian culture so you can go to Indian restaurants here and if you want to try the culture of Thailand, you should go for Thai restaurants. Besides this, the markets are the second option which attracts their customer towards these small islands. So we are here to help you in deciding where you have to go for your weekend. If you have any issue while booking your tour package, you can contact our team of Parbhat Travels on our helpline number. Our representatives are available here to help you in your trouble. And we are sure that you will love with this island.

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Pattaya Tour – A Perfect Place to Spend Your Luxury Holidays


Whenever we did a hard and tough job work, we need a strong break for completing that task. And according to us A trip to a new city is the best solution for all your stress. A long trip to a new place is always works best and you will feel happiness in your soul. Pattaya Tour Package is brought to you by our Parbhat Travels so that you are also get a chance for exploring yourself. The local market of this place is always attracts people towards it as the market is always remain open for their visitors. Visitors can come here 24*7 for exploring and purchasing items from this market. You know people also came here for performing some adventurous activity as there are so many places where you can do some adventurous activity. And the food is the best part of this place. Taste is very good and the best part of food is this is very healthy for your health. Most of the dishes are boiled and steamed so that it would helpful for your health. Besides the food and market, this place is having a special quality of night parties. Mostly people enjoy at the night time here with their partner. You should once visit this place with your squad at the night time to explore the exact beauty of place. You can join people here, do party with them and enjoy a lot at you time. if you want to know something else, you can reach us by dialing our helpline number 011 45625898 and our executive will help you in your issue. Now do not waste your precious time in searching more, dial our helpline number and book a tour package for your squad.

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Pattaya Tour Package – Pattaya is the Seaside Heaven


Have you ever visited Thailand? If so, Thailand is one of the most explored tourist countries in the continent of Asia, which is famous for its beautiful & sandy beaches, charming culture, some wonderful tourist attractions, authentic & delicate cuisines of Thailand. Tourists take enjoyment of the highlights of Thailand and get the experience of Bangkok and Pattaya, which are the two most vibrant cities of this country. Luxury Thailand Holiday Packages provide the tourists the opportunity of visiting this country in a comfortable way.

Also famous as ‘the City of Angels’ among the tourists, Bangkok, the national capital city of Thailand, is a dream destination for Shopaholics and food lovers. Being home to some of the contemporary buildings and largest shopping centers of Asia, the city of Bangkok provides the tourists the chance of visiting the grandest temples epitomizing splendor and charm. When on the tour of Bangkok, tourists should never forget to enjoy spicy food served in the restaurants and Spas.

Thailand is also called the hub for adventurers. So tourists must take enjoyment of the adrenaline-pumping water sports on the beautiful sandy bay to vibrant corals and sea-life. It is truly said by Bangkok loyalists that the city of Bangkok owns something for every type of tourist. Bangkok is called the tourist hotspot, which is home to the popular Wat Pho Temple, that features an effective image of Buddha with its historical significance or the Thewet Flower Market providing exotic blooms or the Ocean World of Siam, which features more than 400 species of fish. The food counters of this city are superb in themselves. Bangkok & Pattaya Tour Packages make comfortable and convenient the tour.

Popularly known as ‘Coral Island’, Pattaya, which is a former fishing village situated on the eastern coast of Thailand, is enriched with splendid blue beaches and it is always a great place to take enjoyment of the breezy evenings and sun-soaked mornings. The main highlights of Pattaya Tours are the colorful coral formations and enriched with fun of Water Activities. Pattaya is badly known for its very vibrant nightlife the Pattaya Walking Street provides the enjoy takers the true taste of the city. Just after sunset, the city of Pattaya engulfs the tourists with its unlimited entertainment and occurring night life. Being enriched with fun, this city always provides unlimited entertainment for all tourists. This Walking street has been the symbol of this city, right from discos and clubs, cabaret shows, which is with a smattering of the choicest seafood restaurants. The major tourist attractions of Pattaya are Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Waxworks Museum of Louis Tussaud as well as the Sriracha Tiger Zoo.

The tourists, who are willing to enjoy the tour of Bangkok & Pattaya, are provided Bangkok and Pattaya Tour Packages, which are available at Parbhat Travels. at reasonable prices.

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Pattaya Tour Package – Pattaya Beach Is a Grand Attraction for Tourists


Thailand is a city of joy, enjoyment and lovely views. You can never ever feel low whenever you came to this amazing city. This city is always ready to give you love, care, fun and adventure. This is a full and complete package for visitors who love to do some adventurous things. Well Pattaya is in the list of Parbhat Travels of beautiful places. Your heart will be full of happiness when you see the places and people in this city. Pattaya Tour Package is one of the best tour packages for you which is suitable according to your needs.

pattaya is a beautiful place which takes many heart beats if visitors in just one look. There are so many places where you can go with your friends and colleagues to explore Pattaya and you can do whatever you want to do in this city. The whole city is very much perfect for any type of visitor. The food is just one of the best thing is in this place. A foodie can surely pleased to have this place for their love for food. You can eat so many delicious foods dish here at very affordable price. Both road side or within 5 star hotels, you will get so much fun and if you are coming here with your love partner, so it will be best tour for you in your whole life.

If you are still confused about the trip details, so do not hesitate in calling us at our helpline number 011 – 45625898. We always here ready to help you in your issue.

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Pattaya Tour Package – A Perfect Place to Spend Your Luxury Holidays


If you are thinking to plan a trip to Thailand, so you are about to taking best decision among all. As we all know and we also get agree that there are thousands of places in the world to visit and get enjoyment for we all. We all wants a place where we can enjoy ourselves as well as our loved ones also can feel great. So now we are Parbhat Travels here to help you in your seach for a best place.

If your final place is Thailand, so your next destination is also mandatory as Thailand is so much broad and wide. There are a lots of places where we can go and enjoy. Some of those famous places were:

  • Pattaya
  • Hua Hin
  • Bangkok
  • Phuket
  • Krabi

And you will be happy to see that Pattaya is a best Place for exploring among all other places. There are so much things or attractions which totally impress you. You can play so many games there and enjoy by playing them such as paragliding, snorkeling, skiing and many other.

Now it is a time to give some of your precious time to your loved once such as your parents, your family, your loved ones or your friends. If you are taking them to this trip among you, so we are sure that all of them will love with this place as the whole island is having something special for each and every age-group. The famous temples of these islands were just amazing and so much crowded by the visitors. You know day by day the numbers of visitors were increasing here and with the increment in number of tourist on that island the tourism department also get affected. Now there are so many 5 or 7 star restaurants and resorts in which you can get all arrangements. Also security of visitors and tourist were taken on top. Overall we can say that Pattaya is preparing itself for becoming number one Tourist spot in upcoming time and we are sure that if the development was going the same as it is now, so the tag of number one Tourist spot is not far from the Pattaya Island.

So we are assuring you that if you are booking your Pattaya Tour Package with us, so you will never ever feel regret or you will so much thankful to us. If there is anything which is not clear to you, so make us inform about it by dialing our Helpline Number 01145625898. We always ready to help you.

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Pattaya Honeymoon Tour Package – A Great Destination for Honeymooners


Famous for its beautiful beaches, tropical forests, torquish water, Pattaya is a city of love, attraction, charm and natural views. Pattaya is having an ultimate choice for all tourist and visitors. This is one of the most popular place to Visit in Thailand if you are coming here with your better-half. You know Pattaya has a mix trend of both natural and modern beauty. There are so many resorts or restaurants where you can easily explore with your life partner with whom you are coming on your honeymoon trip or you can enjoy the natural beauty of cultural Pattaya here. There is a lots of attraction where you can lost your mind and just want to enjoy that moment.

Na-Jomtien-Pattaya-Beach-Resort-6Visitors came here every year as it is performing as a best place for honeymooners as well as perfect destination for exploring and enjoying your vacation. Some of the best places for visiting here and enjoying were as Safari world, marine water zoo, Buddha temples, historical places and so much other places where you can get a lots of fun with your partner. Parbhat Travels had arranged all the things for their honeymooners so that they can enjoy whole trip with a happiness. They were arranged all the required facilities for you like from choosing a hotel to what to see in trip all things were already decided so that you could not have to face any difficulty. Pattaya Honeymoon Tour Package is brings and amazing happiness and love to your life and your honeymoon will be the best for your lifetime. Parbhat Travels believes in perfection and satisfaction. They wants to make you feel very much special, so that you could remind it for your whole life. Choosing a trip to pattaya as a honeymoon spot is the best decision ever and now when you are on the track of right decision, lets plan your Honeymoon and make it so much great. If you are confusing on any point, so please feel free to call us at our helpline number and we will surely help you.