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Best Budget Hotel in Phuket

Certainly the best Phuket hotel deals are found on the web. This is so because you can quickly compare different rates, check openings, and confirm amenities among other tasks, all from one portal. Phuket Island is designated the “Pearl of Thailand” and hence the traveler can expect to find many top class accommodations here. In this case one needs to do a good online background check to ascertain the best and most pocket-friendly hotels in this area. One hotel surfaces when looking for top budget hotels in Phuket and this is Karon Café Inn. This is more so because it offers excellent quality consumer amenities and services and very affordable at that.

Karon Café Inn is a four-star budget Phuket hotel which guarantees the best personal services, special requests and rates in Karon. To achieve a four-star rating as budget hotel means that the guests to this Phuket accommodation have access to basic luxury services such as bathrobes and slippers among others at no additional cost. Guests to this Karon Beach hotel never worry about decent dining. Apart from the fine eateries in town, Karon Café Inn is renowned for its famous steaks and ribs restaurant hence guests have the convenience of having great cuisines in-house.

Karon Café Inn was built back in 1989 to serve as an accommodation for weary travelers and tourists with a knack for Thai culture fused with foreign design and function. It was remodeled in 1998 and also in 2004 to have it achieve the necessaries of a four-star hotel. This Phuket hotel is located right in the heart of Karon and therefore has the experience and capability to take care of all types of budget tourists in a busy and noisy town like Karon.

This Phuket hotel has twelve fabulously designed rooms and suites all with soundproof windows to support in-town sleeping. The rooms are equipped with all the amenities of a full four-star hotel but in a bed and breakfast atmosphere and without the extra cost. There is also twenty-four hour friendly customer service support.

The central location gives easy access to the town and being only five minutes from Karon beach you have very little arrangements to make before getting around. The rooms in this budget Phuket accommodation have a forty-channel satellite TV with five complimentary premium channels. For security purposes, Ving card door locks and Gold electronic room safes have been put in place.

Karon Café Inn has adopted marketing over social networks or P2P marketing and this has helped tourists get more and finer details about it thus cutting out middlemen who would otherwise cause a rise in accommodation prices.

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