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Bangkok Nightlife – Bangkok’s main attraction for Millions

Bangkok was named the best place in Asia, and ranked fourth in the world by a leading travel magazine. In recent decades the world has emerged as leading tourist destinations in Thailand. Millions of people from all over Thailand, each year to enjoy its vibrant nightlife, which led in turn, bars and clubs in the growth of new hotels.

There are many beautiful and picturesque city of Thailand. But if it’s nightlife you seek, look no further than is via Bangkok. Bangkok is not just another shopping center Destination. Bangkok is full of bars, discos, pubs and discos.

You can also look forward to do some sexy dance performances nightclubs in Bangkok. You can get all types of alcohol clubs, bars and nightclubs in Bangkok. Happen champagne, beer, tequila and vodka to be the most popular drinks in the bars of Bangkok.

If you are coming to Bangkok, you are probably going to want to go see the famous Go Go Bars here with all the beautiful women. In Bangkok there are three locations that are night life areas that have a lot of Go Go Bars in them. They Are: Patpong on Silom Road; Nana Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4; and Soi Cowboy on Sukhumvit Soi 23.

Patpong is probably the most internationally famous because it was the place where American GI’s went for R & R during the Vietnam War. Patpong is very crowded and tough to walk around in, and there are a lot of transvestites working in the bars there, but some people love Patpong.
Nana Plaza is 4 levels and packed with Go Go Bars and Beer Bars, it is probably the most active area in Bangkok, and it is really something to see.
Soi Cowboy above, is the smallest and most wide open of the night life areas, it is a favorite for expats because it is not too crowded. If you want to see some great looking women, try these Go Go Bars.

Not only is the nightlife is affordable, but are good places to go and relax. It ‘sure “the nightlife in Bangkok, will surely impress.

Not only is the nightlife is affordable, but are good places to go and relax. It ‘sure “the nightlife in Bangkok, will surely impress.

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