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Pattaya Attractions – Pattaya Beach

Staying at Pattaya resorts and hotels means indulging yourself with all-inclusive accommodation ranging from traditional Thai massages to seaside views and some of the best food you will ever eat. But beyond the walls of the cheap Pattaya hotels are the various attractions that can lure a traveller away from the all-inclusive amenities and into the life of adventure and excitement. Pattaya Beach is such a place, offering much more than simply nightlife and beachfront activities. Lined with various tourist attractions ranging from Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum to Khao Pattaya View Point to restaurants and clubs, there is always something going on no matter if it is night or day.

Perhaps the most family-friendly option along Pattaya Beach is Ripley’s Museum. Fit for all ages, the museum is full of a variety of unusual items ranging from people and lifestyles to ancient torture devices and optical illusions. Underwater World Pattaya is the largest underwater aquarium in Asia, and is another family-friendly destination that allows adults and kids alike the opportunity to explore some of the ocean’s most wondrous creatures and plants. Otherwise known as Fitness Park located at the foot of Pattaya Hill, fitness enthusiasts can enjoy a jogging trail and fitness facilities to keep them in shape on their all-inclusive stay. Then there are the various temples and shrines, such as the Wat Phra Yai, constructed in 1977 and housing the largest Buddha image in Thailand. All in all, Pattaya Beach has a range of opportunities above and beyond the nightlife offered, making for a perfect stay no matter where or when.

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