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Chiang Mai Attractions: Chiang Mai Tribal Museum

There are literally dozens of cheap Chiang Mai hotels to choose from within the city, not to mention a massive selection of cheap Chiang Mai resorts to boot, but despite the hundreds of choices when it comes to accommodation there is only one way to truly understand the culture of a foreign destination; and that is by visiting a museum and getting a clear glimpse down the annals of time as it relates to a specific group of people.

Located within easy walking distance of many of the cheap Chiang Mai hotels, and cheap Chiang Mai resorts throughout this Thai city, the Chiang Mai Tribal Museum is one of the best ways to take a closer look at the lives of the people who have lived here over the centuries.

Initially located at the Chiang Mai University campus, the museum recently moved locations and now has its own modern, three-story building located in Ratchamankla Park. Locals and fellow travellers from the various cheap Thailand Chiang Mai hotels will all say the same thing when it comes to this museum: if you are planning on delving into the surrounding countryside in any fashion, the only way to get a grip on what exactly you will be coming across, is to first visit the Tribal Museum to truly appreciate and understand the unique history of people. All of the major northern hill tribes have their history displayed here, including costumes, tools and art, as well as detailed stories telling of their evolution into modern society.

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