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Travel Tricks for a Vegetarian in Phuket

Phuket, a magnificent beach destination soaked in local culture, is well worth a visit. But with a close look at any Thai menu in a local restaurant, most vegetarians and vegans will think of their Phuket packages as a challenge. However, surrounded as it is by riveting islands, Phuket gives you no excuse to miss out on a glorious travel experience. You can use a few of the following travel tricks for your Phuket trip to make the most of this experience, even if you don’t eat meat. Here are some great travel tricks for a vegetarian on the prowl in Phuket.

Visit during the Phuket Vegetarian Festival.

Celebrated in the month of October, the Phuket Vegetarian Festival is a vibrant and fascinating festival. This 9-day festival originates from the belief that abstinence from meat and other stimulants can give one health and peace of mind. This annual event is a 19th century festival and attracts thousands of travellers from Thailand and other Asian countries today. The festival includes several ceremonies such as fire walking, body piercing, and street processions. Its scrumptious delicacies are really worth a visit for a vegetarian.

Visit Vegan, Vegetarian And Organic Thai Restaurants.

Vegetarianism is not a minority choice in Thailand. Some follow it as a lifestyle, while others consider it a part of Buddhism. Thus, there won’t be much of a shortage of ideal restaurants for vegan and vegetarian travellers in Phuket. You can research them online and plan your Phuket travel itinerary to include a visit to local vegetarian restaurants. A Phuket tour is a great opportunity to explore local vegetarian dishes like Pad tau-hu priew waan, Tom yam hed, Pak thod, Pad krapao tau-hu, and Pad pak ruam.

Visit Indian Restaurants.

You may miss out on Thai varieties if you visit other restaurants during your Phuket holiday. But, Indian restaurants are a great way to stick to vegetarianism during your Phuket vacation. Due to the strong presence of the Indian community in Phuket, you can enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at both budget and world-class restaurants.

Phuket Tour packages are known for their diversity and a multitude of tempting experiences. So, don’t hesitate to visit this amazing place simply because you are a vegetarian. You can have a wonderful time on this holiday either way. Enjoy the spectacular beaches, cultural events and a plethora of vegetarian dishes while in this wonderful travel destination.

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