Places To Visit Whenever You Take Holidays to Thailand

Join them? This is one country that individuals keep coming back to. Whether it’s for the food, shopping, sightseeing, or beaches, you can get something new to look forward to.

Once called Siam, Thailand is now a newly industrialized country whose major exports include things like Thai rice, textiles and footwear, fishery products, rubber, jewelry, cars, computers and electrical appliances.

So what are the places that can make your Thailand holiday special? The following are those you cannot miss out on.

Number one on your list is Bangkok. Trips to Thailand are incomplete without visiting this modern mecca of east meets west. The top landmarks include the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Aroon temples, the Thailand National Museum, and Jim Thomson’s House. When you are in the city, sample some real Thai food like Tom Yam Goong and Pad Thai. If you are in the mood to shop until you drop, go to the Chattuchak Weekend Market. It takes up 35 acres and contains over 5,000 stalls. The attraction has 200,000 visitors daily.

Second on your Thailand holiday to-do list is Phuket. Beach lovers around the world are drawn to this tourist magnet. It is a place of stunning natural wonders, boasting pristine white sand beaches and lush green forests. If you’re into water sports, you will find it all here. Have the adventure of your life jet skiing, paragliding, wind surfing, and boating. Dive lovers could have a field day exploring the depths while looking at the multitude of marine organisms that make that reside in Phuket waters.

For land lovers, there is the Thai Village and Orchid Farm or the Phuket Aquarium. These are some of the places you may go after you have had your fill of the beach.

At this point, you may be wondering where to go next on your holidays to Thailand. Consider Chiang Mai as the third destination in your journey. History buffs will enjoy this particular city as it mixes the rich history and ancient culture of ancient Thailand in a dynamic setting. If you like checking out Buddhist temples, you can get your fill with the 300 sites that dot the area.

Lucky individuals who are there in November can experience Loi Krathong. Every year lacs of people assemble floating banana-leaf containers (krathong) decorated with flowers and candles onto the waterways of the city to worship the Goddess of Water. Lanna-style sky lanterns (khom fai or kom loi), that are hot-air balloons produced with paper, are released into the air. They are believed to help rid the locals of troubles and are generally used for decorative purposes.

For the usual adventure seekers, there are elephant rides, white-water rafting excursions, and rock climbing adventures to be found. Backpackers and those longing for an escape from the world will find it a place of tranquil calm and relaxation.

Last on the list is Pattaya. This spot is renowned for its nightlife and no Thailand holiday is complete without visiting there. For a quick getaway from the urban jungle that’s Bangkok, this is a good bet with all types of activities readily available.

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