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Europe Tour Packages to North Sea v/s Thailand Tourism

Europe tour packages to North Sea are one of the prominent destinations visited by tourists from all over world. It encompasses places as Belgium, France, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Norway and various British Islands that offer exotic history, beautiful coastal regions and enormous water bodies. Thailand tourism too has a lot to offer but somehow the North Sea package always win over.

A brief about North Sea Europe tour packages

Norway and Scotland are the areas that one would see along the northern coastlines of this package. These are rugged and steep as compared to Thailand’s flat beaches. These acts great for long beach walks which is one of the greatest reasons why people fall for this package. Historically, North Sea has a lot to offer the tourists. The sea was a hub of naval activities during both the world wars. Today, North Sea offers excellent opportunities to shipping and fishing industries located here.

The Beautiful Coastline

Thailand tourism has many coastlines to offer but nothing can beat the North Sea which can be best explored through a hike or a bike. There is a North Sea Train for hiking lovers and a North Sea Cycle Route that covers six thousand kilometers and lets you enjoy the villages, coastal towns, wildlife, a heritage sites along the sea on North Sea Europe tour packages.

Wide beaches can be enjoyed along the Belgian Coast along with seaside town like Knokke Heist and Ostend. Many World War 1 monuments can be seen here along with picturesque churches and extraordinary museums. As you reach Holland, Rotterdam and Hague are the two places where you will head first on North Sea Europe tour packages. These are the royal family home and the Dutch Government seat. A visit to Peace Palace will leave you mesmerized and those who love history and museums and shopping will surely have a lot here to lift their moods. Indeed heading to the beach is the next thing that one must do.

Wassen Islands are a great stretch of miles that are a popular place to spend vacations. The seductive environment here will leave you touched and the national parks, local villages and bird colonies will have an enthralling effect on you.

Also enjoy the German North Sea coast and Denmark’s West Jutland that is perfect for kite flying, bird watching and enjoying nature. There is a lot to do once on Thailand tour package too but the way you will be close to nature on North Sea Europe tour packages, you cannot be anywhere else in the world!

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