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5 Essential Things you Must do in your Kerala tour packages

If you are planning to travel to India, then there is no way that your travel agent is not going to mention the tropical destination of Kerala. Called as nature’s abode, the state of Kerala is a destination where the beauty of nature and mankind life in harmony. Your Kerala tour packages would take you through a much grander experience than the backwater cruises, the houseboats and the beaches. Explore all these attractions in the following paragraphs.

Kathakali, a local dance form is considered as the soul of Kerala. The dances here would be decorated in colorful costumes. They make poses and expressions while telling enchanting ancient stories. As a part of your Kerala tour packages, make sure that you watch Kathakali, which would usually take place at nighttime. This dance form is several centuries old and it is believed that it started as a result of rivalry between two kings.

When visiting Kerala as part of your travel to India, make sure to visit the Iringal Crafts Village located close to the city of Kozhikode. This 20-acre village is located on the banks of a river. The local craftsmen and artisans here display their skills and offer all kinds of handicrafts for sale. The attractive art works that you can take back home include different items made from bamboo, coir, coconut shells and banana fiber.

You must have heard and seen a lot about Chinese and other martial art forms. However, you would be amazed to know that Kalaripayattu, the martial arts form from Kerala is considered to be the father of all martial arts practiced today including Shaolin Kung Fu. Therefore, your Kerala tour packages would also bring you close to this martial arts form. This art form is considered to be over 3,000 years old.

Even though, it has lost much of its essence because of the shutting down of most of the schools, it is now making a comeback in the form of fitness routine and dance. When you travel to India, make sure to check with one of the more than 500 schools to get a glimpse over the mesmerizing athletic moves of the Kalaripayattu fighters.

If you are a nature lover, you should find yourself in the sandalwood forests of Marayoor during your Kerala tour packages. Located in Idukki district, Marayoor also features some amazing rock paintings from the pre-historic period. The place also offers many caves for exploration. You can reach Marayoor by taking a taxi from Ernakulum railway station.

Kerala is a lush green state that is decked with flora and fauna. The Periyar wildlife sanctuary is the largest and most popular forest reserve in the taste. There are two ways to move around through these thick forests. You can take the bamboo rafting ride through the Periyar Lake or go on a jungle safari through the forest reserve. The bamboo rafting experience would take you around 3 to 4 hours which you can spend along with your family in the pristine clear waters of the Periyar lake while exploring the sanctuary’s wildlife. Thus, Kerala has a world of variety to offer and a state that you cannot think of not visiting when you travel to India.

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