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Rajasthan Tour Packages – Enjoy Holiday in India


Incredible India dominates Rajasthan as the most popular destination that let every visitor walk through the legacy of kings.  The place is certainly the glam of history and reflects the royal era through lavish and king lifestyle. Whenever one thinks about taking a vacation, Rajasthan tour package is usually considered to be the topmost package as it includes the major attractions and most of the Incredible Indian artifacts.  Here at Parbhat Travels Pvt Ltd. Best Rajasthan holiday tour packages are intricately tailor-made to provide you with a perfect vacation. The bright rusted and sun-kissed forts, vividly bright handicrafts and most importantly the charming people with colourful turbans make for a perfect travelling experience for every kind of traveler.

Escape from the rush and fast-paced life of the city and enjoy the tranquillity and simplicity of a place so divine and culturally saturated that you never feel like leaving the city.  This integrity is bound with its unique kind of lavish royalty attached to the prominence of this land’s chronicles. This state is so colourful that you will find every colour in Nature and magnificent palette – the red sands, the blueness of royalty, the pink cities or the golden twilights.”  We take you to a land where romance, royalty, nature, and spirituality are at its best. Rajasthan is a vast and wonderful kingdom with treasures more divine than those of stories.  The land of the heritage king and queens portrays a traditional yet amazing image when it comes to Rajasthan Tourism.

Where and when to travel in the state?

Though Rajasthan can be visited all through the year, winters are supposed to be the Favorite season. Rajasthan tour packages of summers usually start in April and end in June.  To visit the hill station of Rajasthan in summers, Mount Abu, Kumbhalgarh, and Ranakpur Welcomes you with open hands. Moreover, during the winters from November to February, you can visit almost all of the cities in the state.

Experience Culture


With amazing culture and colourful traditions, Rajasthan is a grand open-air museum that simply portrays different shades of Incredible India.  Through Rajasthan holiday packages you can have an extraordinary experience of the Rajasthani folk music, dances, cuisine, puppet show called Katputhli, many exceptional forts, temples and the marvellous, luxuriant Rajput culture. At Parbhat Tarvels Pvt Ltd, we curate Rajasthan tour packages while combining all these elements together to let you travel through time and make you experience Royalty like never before. The perfect Rajasthan tour packages let you dip your souls in the vibrant colours of this royal land. Your travelling dream is our duty and stands as our priority, regardless of it being for an adventure or for leisure, for some particular reason like honeymoon or just a short escape journey, for a passion to travel alone or with family and all of it is made possible with Parbhat Travels Pvt. Ltd.  For that matter, our Rajasthan tour packages prices are super affordable with the most convenient services available.

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