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Nightlife in Bangkok One of the Best in the Asia


When the name of Bangkok is uttered, the image that comes first to our mind is its luxurious nightlife. Though Bangkok was popular for its abundant s*x life, bars and clubs, the city is undergoing many changes in past some years and wearing a more decent image. But the change is good and the nightlife is still passionate like it was earlier. No matter of past or present Bangkok was and still is absolutely safe and pleasing and there is nothing distasteful in enjoying Bangkok nightlife.

Night Clubs

In the clubs of the city you can avail a chance to engage into cool salsas to sizzling pink gay performances. Bangkok presents an incredible weekly club affair for party fans.

City Night Views from Rooftops with Cocktails

Bangkok’s actual majesty at nightfall is realized when it is seen from a terrace bar. At the time when you enjoy a cocktail on the terrace of one of the beautiful Bangkok hotels, the sprawling stretch of the glowing city stuns you more than ever. The most ideal time to enjoy this grandeur is late afternoon when the sun is about to set on the stunning Chao Phraya River and the city lights start shimmering.

Transgender Performances

Thailand is world renowned for its most beautiful transvestites who have been provided support per se by the highly open-minded Thai society. Certain of the Thais even think that ladyboys are signs of good luck. This thought was also portrayed in some Thai films committed to katoey themes. Also s*x alteration surgery of Thailand is renowned not only because of the fine quality but also owing to its reasonability in price. In brief Kato eyes are regarded much respectfully in Thai society and the ladyboy nights have an essential role in Bangkok nightlife. Certain performances even prohibit them to participate in the shows when they undergo gender modification operation as they are precisely not transvestites thenceforth. This prohibition isn’t put into practice very firmly especially if some of the guys is the most beloved of the audience.

Go-Go Clubs of Bangkok

Bangkok still dons the erstwhile notoriety because of its go-go nights where eye-popping shows of bikini-donning girls are carried out. One of these places is Patpong. Formely this territory was an hardcore prostitution region. Nevertheless with the development of a more amiable and more useful night market, nightclubs, bars and Gay Street, its ill repute is mostly ended. Liberal guests consider the performances like ordinary shows and with a chuckle and one or two overcharged pegs keep on again with their shopping in the night market or visit a nightclub.

Bangkok Dinner Cruise Trips

Bangkok is the most striking at nightfall. And when you gain a chance to have pleasure in a fabulous Thai dinner commuting in a cruise on Chao Phraya River having the illuminated city smoothly slipping back by the two sides, you have to certainly get an experience of lifetime. Bangkok has momentous landmarks and beautiful monuments. It is located ashore Chao Phraya River. You can get the pleasure from the cruise trip by watching the splendor of this delightful city with the moon glittering in the sky filling its silvery light in the water of the river and both the banks illuminated with lights in the city plummeting in gold. In addition to this, you are served the scrumptious Thai food.

Night Bazaar

Bangkok is as famed for its night market just like it is for its nights. You can include this bazaar in the list of Bangkok nightlife must-do’s. You can grab some best items here which will gladden you at the time of leaving Bangkok.

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