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Read Top 5 Places to Go in Bangkok

Top 5 places to go in Bangkok list is all about the nightlife. Bangkok is terrific for night activities as there is always a place open ready to throw a party.

Top 5 places to go in Bangkok:

Siam Paragon – Lamborghini’s in the mall! So cool

Khao San – Dirty, but when you’re drunk it doesn’t matter

Thong Lo – I have never been so sick from Jack Daniels in my life

Sukhumvit – Awesome area in general

Rama 9 – Wicked clubs!

Let me explain to you one by one my experiences at these locations and why I put them on this list after a 4 months holiday over there. I know of other places in my head, but half the time I didn’t know where I was and was being taken with the circle of friends I made. I’m also the type of person who doesn’t make too many plans with the travels and how to get to places. I normally just set off and do it.

  1. Siam Paragon


This place is awesome. Once I saw the Lamborghini’s in their vibrant colours shining through the windows, I just lost it. Those cars made my day. The range of food available in the food court was great as I am a big eater. Upstairs they have a such an awesome gym called California Wow, which I joined, and above that the cinema with the 4D experience which is wild! Also one thing I almost forgot are the little markets that open up along the street, adjacent to Siam Paragon. Great for a little snack and walk, as you can check out all the little things they have for sale.

Getting there: Take the BTS train line. It arrives smack dab right in the middle and you can walk straight into the mall.

  1. Khao San


Now this is a place where you’ll get dirty. Khao San in general is dirty and is filled with foreigners or farang as the Thai would call them. 15 or so minutes away from Siam Paragon, I took the tuk-tuk (small, weird taxi thing) and headed straight over to Kao Sarn. Some areas of the place may smell a little strange. Some of the people are a little out there too, in fact. But the parties that unleash at midnight are a blast. You can hop from one place to the next, having a beer and burger or Thai street food all a long the street. Great place to be when you’re on a bit of a budget, too.

Getting there: I took a tuk-tuk. Have a little bit of fun and travel on something a little different. It won’t hurt!

  1. Thong Lo

This was the first area I went to after arriving in Bangkok, 11 pm at night! I was picked up at the airport by a friend and she mentioned a party that she was going to on the night for her friends birthday. I decided, hell, why not? I had business class tickets for my Melbourne to Bangkok flight and felt pretty healthy. We met the birthday boy in a place called Funky Villa and it was a little different to my expectations, but great fun. A lot of local Thai’s there, but a really nice place to network and make friends. Beside Funky Villa there is a place called Demo and my friend used to sing live there and DJ. We used to get tables, enormous amounts of whiskey and just drink it with soda water. It sounded like fun at the time but the hangover the next morning was insane!

Getting there: I was always driven. I honestly have no idea how to get anywhere in Thailand apart from home and back. I was taken everywhere with a driver! But I’m sure if you take a taxi and say “Funky Villa” or “Demo” in Thong Lo (Thats: Tong-Lor) you’ll be headed in the right direction.

  1. Sukhumvit


Sukhumvit has a really unusual and interesting club that I had never seen before. It was called “Bed Supper Club”, and there literally were beds there.. That you could lie on.. While listening to music. I just thought that was cool, then a little weird with the club music. But a few drinks in and nothing matters anymore anyway! It seemed to be joined to another place right next door which was great for drinks and dancing.

Getting there: I used to just get a taxi there. It was simple enough. Just tell the driver you want to go to Sukhumvit (That’s: Sook-Khoom-Wit). Taxi prices may seem cheap at the start, but they rack up very quickly when you keep using them on a daily basis!

  1. Rama 9 (RCA)


Woah, my club fantasies kinda came true. A few clubs all lined up, with beautiful women everywhere in sight. I came here with a few models on a night out in Bangkok. Woah, was it cool. We headed straight into a place called Route 66 which just had the best DJ playing with an awesome track list. We ordered our drinks and all chatted outside before heading on to the dance floor to show off our tricks.

Getting There: I got a taxi and was dropped off right out the front of the line of clubs here. Just tell him the RCA in Rama 9 or maybe even “Route 66ā€³ will work.

So there we have my top places to go in Bangkok, Thailand which I honestly hope you thoroughly enjoyed.

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