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Read About Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, probably Guide to Chiang Mai, Thailand

The most significant Thai city is a must visit on any Thailand trip. It is a city that has changed gradually over the years and remains a cultural hub of the country. Situated in Thailand’s north, it is the fifth largest city of the country. Although it is quite cosmopolitan, it is still quite green when compared to cities like Bangkok.

Connected very well by trains, flights and other international travel routes, the city is a center from where one can travel anywhere easily. It is thus suggested that other tours be combined with the tour to Thailand.


A Great Exploration

Chiang Mai can be explored on any of the following:


TukTuk ( Auto )




Once a part of the Mon and Khmer cultures, the city has now evolved and has adapted the new Thai regime. No guide to Chiang Mai, Thailand is complete without the mention of this evolutionary process. Thailand tour packages and Bangkok Tour packages specialize in delivering such a cultural experience to the traveler.

A hub for handmade craft items, Chiang Mai also houses mountains, caves, forests and waterfalls. There are a number of national parks in the vicinity.

Loi Kroh Rd is the centre of the city’s night life. Ask a local and they will insist that you have really not experienced Chiang Mai until you have seen the breathtaking view from Doi Suthep, tried a bowl of Kao Soi, and purchased an umbrella from Bo Sang. Of course these are tourism gimmicks, but all three elements are important cultural icons for Chiang Mai residents

Tribal Villages

Similarly, a visit to the tribal villages around the city is said to be an experience in itself. Temples, Museums, Safaris, Night Bazaars get together to form a great collection of places that one must visit while at this great city of Thailand. The most famous among these is the night bazaar where a set of shops sell handicrafts which are indigenous. Thai delicacies which are famous all over the world are also available in their original and true form here. This adds to the tourist attraction that Chiang Mai has come to be.

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