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Why Scuba Diving in Phuket Should Be Your Next Adventure Trip


Thailand is one of the best destinations for exciting adventure trips, and if you love scuba diving, then Phuket should definitely be part of your itinerary. In fact, when it comes to any type of water sports, Phuket stands out with its wonderful range of activities and diving destinations that are sure to make you experience a lot of fun. Racha Noi, Koh Dok Mai, and Phi Phi Island are some of the places where you can dive around Phuket with a group or in a specialized trip accompanied by a highly trained diving crew and instructors. And in case you are new to the activity, the instructors will be there to teach and guide you.

Even if you do not have any diving gear, companies specializing in offering scuba diving adventures, trips, and lessons in Phuket can provide everything you will need for a safe, successful, and memorable dive. There are many experienced instructors who can give a course in scuba diving and arrange tours for beginners. If you are a veteran diver, advanced dives can be arranged for you. Consider booking a scuba diving trip in Phuket with an internationally recognized provider of diving tours in Thailand. Make sure the company is known for their high standards in quality, safety, value, and professionalism.

Phuket’s waters brag colorful marine life. Upon entering the deep, you will find yourself in an entirely different yet beautiful world under the sea. Colorful fishes and coral reefs are some of the attractions you can expect to behold when scuba diving in Phuket. At times, you may encounter sharks, too. Established providers of Parbhat Travels and diving trips in Phuket have their own purpose-built dive yacht to take you to the best dive spots in the area.

Koh Dok Mai is one of the best dive spots in Phuket. The name literally means, ‘flower island’, and it is attributed to island where a lot of flowers once bloomed, or to the underwater beauties blossoming its reef. Fun dives and day trips can be organized in Koh Dok Mai for both experienced and intermediate divers. Some of the creatures you should expect to see during your dive include the tiger-tale seahorse, anglerfish, and the ghost pipefish.

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