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Phuket Tour Package – Must See Attractions and Places


As early as vacations are come, we all are going to sit in the front of Google and doing a creepy search for places to visit. Are you really sure that your search will helps you. We want to clear that with a list of visiting places you could not judge the right place for yourself as well as your family or friends. So it is better to take a look on our Parbhat Travels and find something which you want. As the Google say that there are so many websites to visit in your free time but Phuket is blessed with the number one position. A rain-forested mountainous island is the best pick up for all type of visitors. Whether you are going to this amazing place with your friends, your better-half or your family, you will happy to enjoy at this place.


But before going to such a nice place, we are happy to help you about the some of facts of Phuket and these are as below:

  • Phuket is generally pronounced as “Poo-get”.
  • You know there are total 76 province that will help in the making of Thailand country and Phuket is one of these 76 province.
  • Around 600,000 people were live in that island but still the registered population on documents were around 360,000.
  • Phuket is known as a Economic Hub of the island.
  • Phuket is considered as the highest temperature having city. And in the month of march to early may were so much hot days here.
  • Phuket has nine brooks and creeks but no major rivers.
  • Around 60% of the island is still covered with forest, rubber tree and palm tree.

So these are some of the interesting facts about which you have no idea till 5 minutes before but now you are having a lots of knowledge. So if there is still pending something about the tour or if you want to know some details about the same, do not need to be worry just dial our helpline number 011 – 45625898 and we are there to help you in your issue. We do every possible attempt to make you feel happy and special while your trip to Phuket and also we would try to do all things at our best. So get ready for the adventure you are going to enjoy.

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